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The Story Behind…

The Land Of Beyond, what an enticingly beautiful phrase. The kind of phrase that causes movement, and demands respect from both listener as well as from the one who is saying it. This phrase first caught my attention when a dear family member shared a poem by the great poet Robert Service titled (The Land Of Beyond). The poem speaks of the Land of Beyond with frustrated reverence. Robert Service declares that try as we will we will never reach the Land Of Beyond! Despite our efforts, the Land of Beyond will always remain just out of arms reach. For once we arrive to the place we have designated as the land of beyond it changes names and becomes the Present. This idea of someone who is chasing something he will never reach struck a chord with me as I have been chasing some sort of breakthrough in music for years. I have desperately tried to “make it” as a music artist for many various reasons and yet try as I have that goal continues to elude me. I wrote this song as a metaphor of a young man who is tired of people telling him that you actually have to be a “Rocket Scientist” to make it to space, but regardless of their advice is determined to become an Astronaut. The song’s attitude is one of ignorant confidence that says no matter what, I want to go to space, despite the odds. In my personal life I had become burned out and tired of hearing people categorize my dream. Although my music would not be considered a masterpiece by any attempt, everything that I have ever created has been original. The Land of Beyond takes a 2019 look at the age old poem by Robert Service and then turns to relate to people today who are exasperated by the eternal chase of the Land of beyond. The song embodies the feeling that you get when even though success does not seem possible yet you have the urge to at least try, just to know… so as not die with any regrets. The energetic lyrics of shooting the moon, and looking good while doing it, are meant to remind the listener of when we were young. When no one could tell us nuthin and we were invincible, and everything was possible. I reference the mythological tale of Icarus and how he flew too close to the sun. Not out of malicious intent, rather I feel Icarus was just young and despite his fathers warning he just wanted to know how high he could fly. This lyric hints towards the possibility that this young astronaut may in fact face a similar outcome as did young Icarus. You will hear a heavy “Do it yourself” mentality in this song and throughout the rest of the record. A trait that In the music business is a must for any aspiring artist in search of success. I have spent the better part of a decade self-funding my artistry in hopes that one day all of the time and money I have put in, will seem like a well-planned investment. So I’m not gonna lie, in my case, when someone comes along and feels the need to share their two cents on my dream chasing, it only makes me more resolved to prove them wrong on my own. With that being said, we start to see this astronaut in the song growing more resolved to the point of cockiness as his Land Of Beyond seemingly comes closer into reach.  While writing this song my best friend had been calling me nearly every day with the same random opening question of “Are You Motivated?!?” While I thought it was nothing more than funny at first, I found it to be true and something that subconsciously stuck with me throughout the days while writing this record. As a result I began to work with focused determination on writing this song and I ended up giving him a little shoutout in one of the lines of the song, to which he was in turn motivated I think. The overall effect on me in writing this song was a very freeing moment for me. The song has similar tendencies to past songs I have written about chasing dreams. The difference in this song is that you hear a bit more of honesty in the cockiness of my delivery. I believe that humility and being open to others advice are good characteristics, but in all honesty if by some wild chance I were able to reach The Land Of Beyond, you best believe I would flex a little.

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